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Super light now

Maruem Crew Super Light Suitcase

LOJEL Plastic Hard Suitcase

Maruem Crew Super Light Suitcase

My travel suitcases (see second image) are LOJEL placstic (PVC?) hard shell suitcase. They were bought on 1997. The blue one is for check in, the pink one is for on board the flight. (Pink? I know. lol)

Over the year, I have always been told how great suitcases I have got. And where I got them, etc. I like them too. They are very practical and water sealed and everything. But there is a tiny catch. They are heavy. Not that I have to carry them, because they have coasters, they carry themselves. It’s that I could have been able to carry more luggage.

Recently, a friend of mine asked again. So I did an online search. And I found out that nowadays these kind of hard suitcases all goes to ‘super light’ model.

Like these Maruem Crew models. I think the black one or the dark grey one looks good. Or the following model

for its more advanced lock – TSA lock.

Have no idea why these guys spending so much more money chasing RIMOWA case. What’s so special?

Super Lights PC - Suitcase

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