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Skin Care

Broadway – Sydney in Rain Jun 2011

New Moisturizer April 2011

Skin beauty product as of now 2010

L’Occitane Immortelle


Continue from the last post. I only buy ‘expensive’ skin care product very occasionally. The image shown is L’Occitane’s 2008 new product in Immortelle series. Called “Brightening Renewing Serum”. 30ml bottle is Aus$69.95; The honey lip balm is also from L’Occitane. It is Aus$ 19.95 I think.

The most expensive skin care product I got was Shishedo Future Solution, more than Aus$ 400 (cannot remember the exact number) in this post. Well, that however, I have to admit, is kinda expensive for a moisturizer.

Cheap Wash and Skin Care


I was always told I spend too much money on Wash/Skin Care products. Well, that’s not (always) true. Here are some proof.

From Left to Right, a Chinese brand green tea tooth paste; Johnson’s baby body moisture cream; St Ives Oat Milk and Shea Butter moisturizing body wash; NIVEA eye gel; OLAY UV protect; INNOXA hand and nail cream. They are all very cheap.

Grocery shopping – Sydney

Sydney Living

Sydney Living

Sydney Living

All price in Aus$. (Today 19 July 2008, 1 Aus$ = 0.97 US$, so consider that’s 1 on 1 roughly then.)

$3.10 for 1 box of Shanghai Wonton dumpling ( shepherd’s-purse/Ji-ji-Cai + pork mince ). The Chinese consume leafs of Shepherd’s-purse as a delicacy. 荠菜 野菜. The package says “Chinese spinach”, well that’s not true. It is Shepherd’s purse, which actually considered better flavored than spinach; Leek Dumping (It’s actually half circle shaped pancake) $4.20; Milky flavored steamed bum $2.7; Wax Sweet Cake $3.90 The Chinese call it Old lady cake (normally teethless old, so they can only eat cake with inside as soft as wax); Toasted Eel $5.70; Fungus White plus White lotus nut makes soap with beauty effect. The last image show some more facial wash products (from left to right, Super Cool Wash, Deep Ocean Current Water, Charcoal, Honey, Clay wash). They are Japan made products. I like to use Chinese made facial products too, especially herbal types. However they don’t sell them here much, so I try to get a lot of them each time I am back to China.

Facial Wash

Facial Wash

Facial WashThese are some of the facial wash products I uses. See the green tea and clay wash; and there are many in image2 got carbon in them, which produces a very clean and smooth feel. The Mandom series are available in China town (Sydney) in recent years. Before, I have to ask friend to get them from HongKong or from Japan. There is a good Shishedo foam wash, but it is a bit expensive for just a decent facial wash…

Face Product, Onsen


Pure(100%) Placenta – 羊胎素

“Future Solution” Also -> Onsen

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