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Male version of Teresa Teng’s “Unforgettable First Lover” 男声 邓丽君 难忘的初恋情人

邓丽君  鄧麗君  テレサ・テ[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbWC5fv81Mo&fmt=18 200 180]

Youtube link

Download MP4 here (15 MB)

This video shows my entire collection of Teresa Teng’s Albums. As well as my own tribute to her – a Male version of her “Unforgettable First Lover”. I recorded that with a Karaoke system back in, I think, 2000, that’s 9 years ago. 邓丽君 男声 难忘的初恋情人 I don’t like / hate singing a girl’s song. But it’s Teresa Teng. I love her to death, I do anything for her sake. I never buy her song collection CDs or selection CDs, what I got is only her original Albums CDs as how they originally released. 邓丽君 鄧麗君 テレサ・テ 男声 难忘的初恋情人

OK, some said the last two Albums are collection/selection albums. Well, they are actually not. They are also original release Album, in whch Teresa Teng re-sang a lot of her very old songs before she became famous. And these new versions sound a whole lot better than the old ones.

The reason why the video clip stops on the second from the last album is because this song is a song of that album.

Some asked where to get these Albums. I think, some of them can still be bought from here: http://www.teresa-teng.org/

On the top of Japan – A Girl from China

アラン / Alan Dawa Dolma / ཨ་ལན་ཟླ་བ་སྒྲོལ་མ་ / 阿兰达瓦卓玛

A Tibetan girl from China now top the Japanese pop song list, which no Chinese has ever done things like that before. The best record was, I think, No. 7 on the list by legendary Faye Wong – a Beijing diva.

Check out this single which made that happen on youtube here

This is a late post. Cos this is not news anymore. Just thought doc it anyways here.

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That’s Entertainment

Britans Got Talent - Susan Boyle, Shaheen Jafargholi

See how a 47 yo woman and a 12 yo boy become an internet mega star is a few hours.

Britains Got Talent 2009 April

Youtube link: Susan Boyle (I dreamed a dream), Shaheen Jafarghol

More Susan photos

Some Entertainment Images

Leslie Cheung 张国荣

Yang Lan vs Gong Li 杨澜 vs 巩利

Gao Yuanyuan 高圆圆

Small S 小 S

Chinese Embroidery Cloth

Vivian Leigh

Vivian Leigh

1. Leslie Cheung — Former HK movie superstar.

2. Yan Lan – a Famous Chinese TV hostess; Gong Li – the most beautiful woman in the world 1990’s 杨澜 vs 巩利

3. Gao Yuanyuan 高圆圆 a Chinese Actress.

4. ‘Small S’ a Taiwan TV entertainer. 小 S.

5. Chinese Embroidery Men’s Cloth.

6~7. Vivian Leigh

Peter Pan of Taiwan

潘裕文 鳳凰花開的路口[youtube:http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=UxYQ-8TEsvU 200 200]

2007-07-06 超級星光大道 潘裕文–鳳凰花開的路口

This is a Taiwanese TV singing contest show more than a year ago. But this song never left my heart ever since.

This singer’s skill and singing wasn’t perfect. But his emotion was so profound, deep and real…

I may be wrong but I think you’re wonderful

Doris Day

[youtube:http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vdlec4N8pg 200 176]

I may be wrong but I think you're wonderful

Doris Day

Doris Day singing ‘I may be wrong but I think you’re wonderful’ in 1950 black and white movie – ‘Young Man with a Horn’. The movie rendition of this song is the best redition. For lyric, see the 1st lyric image, then continue to the last paragraph of the 2nd lyric image… 😉

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪 – HK girl

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪

GiGi Leung 梁咏琪 - HK girl

Soochow Serenade 苏州夜曲 李香兰 李香蘭 蘇州夜曲 Yamaguchi Yoshiko やまぐちよしこ

苏州夜曲 李香兰 李香蘭 蘇州夜曲 李香兰 李香蘭 Yamaguchi Yoshiko やまぐちよしこ

苏州夜曲 李香兰 李香蘭 蘇州夜曲 李香兰 李香蘭 Yamaguchi Yoshiko やまぐちよしこ
Soochow Serenade 苏州夜曲 李香兰 李香蘭 蘇州夜曲 山口淑子 支那之夜 Yamaguchi Yoshiko やまぐちよしこ 支那の夜 Yoshiko Ōtaka (大鷹 淑子 Ōtaka Yoshiko?), (English Name: Shirley Yamaguchi) born February 12, 1920 is a China-born Japanese actress and singer who made a career in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States. By the 1940s, she became one of the Seven great singing stars.[1] She was elected as a member of parliament in Japanese Government in 1970’s and served for 18 years.

Young Yoshiko appeared in several 1940 movies believed used for diluting the war crime of Japanese invasion of China. 李香兰年轻时出演过几部粉饰侵略战争的伪满影片

[youtube:http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=OHPBPAUqvmE 200 200][youtube:http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=WlxRMW19qJs 200 200]

[youtube:http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=lk79hTJe0jo 200 200][youtube:http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=TRyXd-tiDFs 200 200]

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Dream a little dream of me










‘Dream a

little dream of me’ is one of my favorite songs from Doris Day.

Doris is not very glamorous, she is all about being jolly and charming.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6MUaqCW_Xo 240 220]

Rum and Coca cola



The top Swing Jazz number is known to be ‘In the Mood’ by Glenn Miller. So do you know what can top that? That’s right, of course, Andrews Sisters singing ‘In the Mood’.

The video clips from left to right: ‘In the Mood’, ‘Rum and Coca Cola’, and ‘Andrews Sisters with Dean Martin’.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlODCxh4zGk 120 110][youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNQaS37X7_o 120 110][youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmY_CAydApw 120 110]

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