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Aria Sinsonido 101C / SPL SBK unbox

Hairspray in Sydney Jun 2011

Bless Japan / Queen of the desert – 26 Mar 2011

More 3D blu-ray in Sydney 2010 Dec – Lang Lang in 3D 郎朗 三维

Lang Lang in 3D blu-ray 2010 Dec

Wow! Lang Lang in 3D 郎朗 出了三维了。

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乘着歌声的翅膀 / Mendelssohn / Auf flügeln des Gesanges / On Wings of Song / 歌の翼に

Children Chorus of China

By Chinese Children Chorus (Children Chorus of China 中国交响乐团附属少年及女子合唱团); One of the top 5 Children Chorus in the world, known to be No. 1 from 1995~1999.

乘着歌声的翅膀 / Mendelssohn / Auf flügeln des Gesanges / On Wings of Song / 歌の翼に  (Link)
蓝色的多瑙河 / The Blue Danube Waltz (Link)

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yg-WrX_-gw 210 150][youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGtHsRvSkkc 210 150]

Belly dancing boy


I always want to try to do some belly dancing moves. (Because I tried, and I cannot).

Here is a male belly dancer, a boy, called “belly boy of the universe”.

This one not only can, but also much more than capable.

Link1, link2, and link3.

Michael Jackson just died today

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson diea today. This is a photo of his wax figure in NYC 2007.

This is the best song I like of Michael Jackson: Ben

Michael Jackson Ben

Very Interesting! Animated Music

Animated Music

Animated Music. Video Clip Download link

These Foolish Things – Japanese version and Chinese version

These Foolish Things

“These Foolish Things” is a standard Jazz number. There are many versions. The image on the left show a Japanese interpretation, which is very good.

This one is another Japanese version, which is actually in Japanese. (But it is not as good as the first Japanese lady’s version).

I therefore translated it into Chinese:

So, why it needs to be translated into Chinese then? You may not know that the original English lyrics was written by Anna May Wong’s lover, and dedicated to

Anna May Wong. The song writer found the lyrics, got inspired and added in the music part. Continue reading

Download Youtube video in Mac

Download Youtube in MacFor those Mac users, who still don’t know how to download the Youtube video and view them locally. Here is how:

The video format for Youtube is FLV format. It is Flash Video Streaming format.

a. Download RealPlayer 11 or above. While installing it to your Mac. You will be asked whether you’d like to install ‘Real Download Agent’. Say and select ‘Yes’ to that. After that you will see the icon show in <1>.

b. If you click <1>, you will open <2>. When you watch Youtube video, once the video finish you will see a selection for downloading it in <2> window. Click ‘download’ to download it.

c. The downloaded files are located in a dedicated folder. Click <3> to open that folder. You will be able to play a video file locally with RealPlayer by double clicking it.

d. You can put the youtube video files you normally play inside a RealPlayer playlist, like shown in <4>. You can open <4> by press “command + Y” while you are in RealPlayer.

c. The image shows a list of Piano solos I normally listen. most of them can be found in here

d. While downloading Youtube video, make sure you are downloading the high quality video option. button <5> let you choose the HQ – high quality option. If you don’t see the HQ button, you can try type ‘&fmt=18’ or ‘&fmt=20’ at the end of the website page address in the address bar and reload.

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