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Men’s cloth

Good stuff can come free

YUMA Denim Crowe – Sydney

Tokyo 7 Jan 2010 东京之旅

It’s not sock

Five Fingers

It is shoe, called Five Fingers http://www.fivefingers.com.au

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Ballet Shoes

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Office Sneakers

Office sneakers are sneakers look like and mistaken as office shoes. I don’t really need office sneakers. Was just looking for a pair of walking shoe that is all black. Also found some interesting and crazy ballet shoe photos.

Nike Air Classic BW

Shelter Star Cloth


Shelter Stars’ cloth. Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe.

Shelter is a brokeback mountain type of movie, but it is more about family and life of human beings. It is much less depressive than the brokeback. Much more happy and positive, imaging and celebrating people’s loving and living. Hence accepted by all kinds of people. I happen to have a chance to watch this movie, I liked it a lot. The leading roles had all been giving a fantastic convincing performance, mostly by gestures and eye and facial expressions. It easily put most of the current popular American movies into shame, performing wise…

Top 10 Bespoke


Forbes top 10 bespoke:

Bespoke – Sydney

Vicuna CoatWhile in Henry Bucks ( last post ), I remembered the Australian most famous Bespoke store is in the same location as Henry Bucks ( but business only by appointment it seems ). It is called J. H. Cutler. Famous, actually world famous. It is one of the ten world top bespoke stores listed by Forbes.

The image shows an overcoat made by J. H. Cutler using the “King’s Fabric” – Vicuna.

I remember I have my first western style coat made when I was a Child at a tailor’s home back in China. They had my size measured, then draw on the fabric according to a pattern with the size modified based on the measurement. This kind of Tailoring is not Bespoke. The standard pattern was from a standard model. In bespoke system, there is no patterns and models and measurement for the pattern modification. There is only one thing – your body. Pieces are cut with your as the model across several fitting…

Men’s Suit – Sydney

Henry Bucks


It’s time to buy a better suit. I gave mine to St Vincent de Paul because it no longer fits. It was very seldom worn. The guy at St Vincent de Paul told me I should (next time) sell it to them instead of giving it to them for free.

Since I only need 1 suit, so the budget can be a little bit higher than I normally permit. So I did a study. It turned out the best men’s formal dress store in Australia is Henry Bucks. (Downtown Sydney 23-25 O’Connell Street).

They have Canali, Zegna, etc. Then again. Canali has a boutique at the Sydney Hospital side of Martin Place. And Zegna has a boutique in Pitts St as well as a dedicated section in David Johns men building (better of the two).

(Image above, showing the model wearing a Super 130 wool taupe gray window check Canali Suit, and an overcoat made in Austria.) I don’t quite understand …

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