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Grove Bamboo Case for iPhone 4 finally arrived

Grove Bamboo iPhone 4 case

It really took a long time to order this all the way from the US to Sydney, Australia.

The postage didn’t take long, while the placement of the order did. Maybe it was because they only make a case once an order is made…

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Adobe CS5 Master Edition 2010 arrived

Adobe CS5 Master Edition

Very happy day (31 May 2010). This is Mac version. This is what you see in the application folder after the installation.

Adobe CS5 Master Edition

Finally Shines (after many years)

Canon LBP3000

Finally works on Mac…

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Rumor came true in one day



All the rumors came true in overnight. Sydney 2009 Oct 21.

Download Youtube video in Mac

Download Youtube in MacFor those Mac users, who still don’t know how to download the Youtube video and view them locally. Here is how:

The video format for Youtube is FLV format. It is Flash Video Streaming format.

a. Download RealPlayer 11 or above. While installing it to your Mac. You will be asked whether you’d like to install ‘Real Download Agent’. Say and select ‘Yes’ to that. After that you will see the icon show in <1>.

b. If you click <1>, you will open <2>. When you watch Youtube video, once the video finish you will see a selection for downloading it in <2> window. Click ‘download’ to download it.

c. The downloaded files are located in a dedicated folder. Click <3> to open that folder. You will be able to play a video file locally with RealPlayer by double clicking it.

d. You can put the youtube video files you normally play inside a RealPlayer playlist, like shown in <4>. You can open <4> by press “command + Y” while you are in RealPlayer.

c. The image shows a list of Piano solos I normally listen. most of them can be found in here

d. While downloading Youtube video, make sure you are downloading the high quality video option. button <5> let you choose the HQ – high quality option. If you don’t see the HQ button, you can try type ‘&fmt=18’ or ‘&fmt=20’ at the end of the website page address in the address bar and reload.

Pianoteq 3 (for Mac) preset for Mozart?

PiaonoTeq 3 for Mac

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLbJ9IrlObY 210 200]

Youtube Clip in Youtube site

Pianoteq 3 (ver3.0.2 for Mac) is perhaps the best physical modelled virtual piano. (The other famous physical modelled piano is maybe Truepianos). Check pianoteq site for the advantages of physical modelled virtual piano over sample based piano, like Ivory Piano, Akoustik Piano, Quantum Piano, VSL Pianos, Garritan Steinway, etc. Many people who are mostly in favor of Ivory Piano always think Pianoteq is just some cheap crap, despite that: a. They cannot actually hear the difference as they claimed; b. Pianoteq is actually more expensive in pricing.

The youtube clip shows I tested a few tweaked presets, which I think sound a little bit better for Mozart.

Here is the preset file and the mp3 file based on ‘my bright 2’ preset.

My_Bright_2.fxp; Mazart.mp3

The screen capture was done by iShowU HD 2.1.0

Input SMS through bluetooth to T303 in Mac



T303 is a small mobile phone. The image above shows it side by side with iTouch. I like small phone over iPhone. Because obviously you can leave iTouch at home, but you cannot leave your iPhone at home.

T303’s feature is however limited, what’s bothering me is its limited bluetooth service feature. You cannot use Mac widget like ’emitSMS’ to send SMS directly from you Mac to your T303, because the required bluetooth service is not supported by T303. I am with Optus in Autralia, however I am now with pre paid solution so I cannot use the webSMS online feature from optusZoo. I must find a SMS typing solution for T303 through bluetooth from my Mac.

After trying, I did.

1. Open TextEdit in Mac. Type exactly like shown in the second image, except the message and your name, of course. Save the file with the name ‘vNote.vnt’

2. Send this file from your Mac to T303 using bluetooth.

3. Then, your T303 prompt you to save the Note. Select ‘OK’

4. Go to the Note, then go to edit mode, in ‘Option’, use ‘Copy and Paste’ feature

5. ‘Paste’ when making your new SMS message.

Making PSP video in Mac (MP4AVC – H264 AAC)

PSP video MP4AVC - H264 AAC

PSP video MP4AVC - H264 AAC

PSP screen resolution is 480×272, therefore there is no need and point to make the video larger than this.

Update: (2011) People are seldom using PSP to play movie since iPod/iPhone/iPad. But PSP is still popular for Anime movies. Anyway, if you think the method described too complicated, in Mac, just use RealPlayer Converter, and select covert to SONY PSP… simple as that!

In Mac, if I started with a DVD movie disc, it is all very easy then. Just use HandBrake. (You can select a subtitle). You, however, need to remember to set “level=3” without the quotes under advanced x264 options.

But if you start with a XviD or RealMedia file, then it was huge headache before. I’ve tried many converters (ffmpeg, XviD4PSP …. etc.). There are all different kinds of problems one after another. You end up either not being able to convert or not being able to play it in PSP.

The most reliable solution is to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (you can properly set the height width ratio too).

1. XviD file:

Firstly, transfer XviD to MOV in ffmepg. Then import MOV to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Mac). Use export -> Adobe Media Encoder. In export settings: Format -> H.264; Preset -> Sony PSP Widescreen High Qaulity. Go to Video tab: Width -> 480, Height -> do you calculation, Pixel Aspect Ratio -> either 16:9 or 2.21:1 whichever is closer to you footage file, most importantly Level -> 3.0… Click OK…

However, if you have a WindowsXP running in your Mac, there is a better solution. I have a WindowsXP running in VMware Fusion. So I did this:
Firstly, install XviD codec in WindowsXP, so the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 can directly import XviD in. Then do the rest in Premiere…

2. RealMedia File (.rm, .rmvb)

Convert Real file to AVI file using only DivX Mencoder preset in ffmpeg. Then convert AVI to MOV in ffmpeg. Then do the rest in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

This may seem very complicated with the using of Premiere. But it never failed. And you have the height / width defined exactly as required

APE/Cue to MP3 in Mac – XLD

Cue APE to MP3 in Mac

As of  Nov 2008, I use XLD to convert APE/Cue to MP3 in Mac. Just install XLD, set the converting MP3 setting in preference. Then double click .cue file comes with your .ape file. That’s it…

New MacBook 2008 and iSkin for Mac Keyboard

MacBook 2008 in Sydney Apple Store

MacBook 2008 in Sydney Apple Store

MacBook 2008 in Sydney Apple Store

MacBook 2008 in Sydney Apple Store

Sydey Bus

iSkin for Mac

iSkin for Mac

iSkin for Mac

Apple new MacBook and MacBook Pro Aluminum was here in Sydney City Apple Store yesterday afternoon. This morning I went to have a look (to avoid yesterday’s crowd). I was trying to see the illuminated keyboard in tge 2.4G MacBook, but the ambient is too bright. I am fully aware of the build quality of the new MacBook and the reliability/durability due to the ‘making out of a single piece of Aluminum thing. But I cannot entirely concur that aesthetically it is better designed than the former white MacBook. The 5th image is inside a Sydney City Bus. You cannot drive to the Apple City Sydney Store, no parking in the city.

The 6th image in the iSkin I used for the white MacBook’s keyboard. It can be used on the Aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard, but not very convenient when you do typing. Therefore I found another solution. As you can see, a Zip lock bag can do the dust protection not only ‘just fine’, but much much better… And it’s as cheap as dirt.

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