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Sydney, Beaches _ Sun Bathing

Sydney St Mary Cathedral

Sydney Beach - Tamarrama

Sydney Beach - Tamarrama

Sydney Beach - Tamarrama

Outdoor activity. Went to St Mary Cathedrual.

Sydney is a ‘City of Beaches’. This is a small one and lovely one called Tamarrama. It is very important once in a while having some sun bathing.

Ozone Treated Pools in Vancover

Ozone Pool - Vancouver

Haven’t been able to update the blog for a while now. I have been very busy in Vancouver.

After living in Sydney for so so many years, finally have to move to Vancouver. I am however still in doubt that Vancouver can top Sydney in terms of living etc.

Well need to find out Ozone treated pools in Vancouver. To be exact, in Vancouver and Burnaby.

BTW, the image used is a fancy one in, actually, West Vancouver, which for now, I have no intention to move to. Looks good though.

OK the list so far:

YMCA downtown

Century Plaza Spa Pools

Killarney Community Centre (Near Burnaby side)

Percy Norman Pool in Piley Park (It is not clear whether it is a Ozone pool, while it was promised to be one when it was built. Not clear whether the promised is kept)

Eileen Dailey Pool (Burnaby, far from Metro Town)

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