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ASICS GEL Trabuco 11 WR – Running/Training Shoe

ASICS GEL Trabuco 11 WR

ASICS GEL Trabuco 11 WR

‘Shoe collection auditing’ fever continues from yesterday. I found the running/training shoe for GYM is less than half the sole on the outside part of the heel. So I run to the Rebel Sport to get this shoe.

ASICS – Running/Training Shoe: GEL Trabuco 11 WR

I got a ‘corporate partner discount’ from MBF of 13.50, making it to $166.49 from $179.99. Can you believe it they sell it to you on a RRP price.

I bought this one because:

1. It is a ASICS, my favorite sport shoe brand, second to that would be SAUCONY. Surprise! See how this happen to be coincident with the ranking by men.style.com

2. Secondly, (see the second image). That’s right. It has a black colored sole. And it is the only black sole in the entire collection. Easy pick.

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