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Hobart Tour 2011 30 Sep – 2 Oct – part 1

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2011 Australian Bullion Coin

Bullion Coin Gold Australian Kangaroo 2011

Some new coin of 2011 design

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Bullion Gold Coin to Ring

Gold ring made out of Bullion Gold Coin. Like the bullion gold coin from UK – Gold Sovereign.

Roller coasting gold price

GoldGold price dive after earlier hysterical rise, roller coast style. Quite unusual.

Gold Coin Video

An interesting video from a gold coin collector showing off his stuff.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ5R3SoCDsg 320 240]

Australian Gold Coin

Australian Bullion Coin

Australian Bullion Coin

Australian Bullion CoinAustralian Bullion Gold Coins are made by the World Famous Perth Mint. The first image in the 1 oz Kangaroo Nugget Gold Coin. The design of the Kangaroo side is changing every year for the 1oz version. (This design changing is a very rare case for gold bullion coins in the world.)

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99999 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

I didn't take this photo

This is 99999 version of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Meaning, the purity is 99.999%. This is the type I ordered. Notice the edge are different from the standard 9999 coin. 99999 is only released starting from 2007. They even made a 100kg version from promotion purpose. 100kg coin! imaging that.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin 9999

9999 Gold Maple Leaf

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 9999

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 9999Standard 1 oz (gold ounce) Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Gold Coin is 9999 purity. It means it is 99.99%.

It is popular and famous in that, it doesn’t have base alloy (not like some other gold coin, like another

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24K Gold

24K gold

24K goldAnything 24K gold is attractive to me. 俗是俗;美是很美。

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