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Mother 3 English Translation

Mother3 English Translation

Mother3 English Translation

Mother3 English Translation

Mother3 English Translation

Mother3 English Translation

Mother3 English Translation

Remember we said Mother3 is only in Japanese and only released in Japan?

Now we have English Translation (Not official English release.) Mother3 got so popular and attractive, that fans decide they will crack it and insert English in it by themselves.

Since it is kind of ‘home brew’, you will have to use it with ‘Supercard‘ and ‘Superkey‘, shown in image 1. (With these, of course, Mother3 will not be the only thing you would like to or would be able to play…)

Making PSP video in Mac (MP4AVC – H264 AAC)

PSP video MP4AVC - H264 AAC

PSP video MP4AVC - H264 AAC

PSP screen resolution is 480×272, therefore there is no need and point to make the video larger than this.

Update: (2011) People are seldom using PSP to play movie since iPod/iPhone/iPad. But PSP is still popular for Anime movies. Anyway, if you think the method described too complicated, in Mac, just use RealPlayer Converter, and select covert to SONY PSP… simple as that!

In Mac, if I started with a DVD movie disc, it is all very easy then. Just use HandBrake. (You can select a subtitle). You, however, need to remember to set “level=3” without the quotes under advanced x264 options.

But if you start with a XviD or RealMedia file, then it was huge headache before. I’ve tried many converters (ffmpeg, XviD4PSP …. etc.). There are all different kinds of problems one after another. You end up either not being able to convert or not being able to play it in PSP.

The most reliable solution is to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (you can properly set the height width ratio too).

1. XviD file:

Firstly, transfer XviD to MOV in ffmepg. Then import MOV to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Mac). Use export -> Adobe Media Encoder. In export settings: Format -> H.264; Preset -> Sony PSP Widescreen High Qaulity. Go to Video tab: Width -> 480, Height -> do you calculation, Pixel Aspect Ratio -> either 16:9 or 2.21:1 whichever is closer to you footage file, most importantly Level -> 3.0… Click OK…

However, if you have a WindowsXP running in your Mac, there is a better solution. I have a WindowsXP running in VMware Fusion. So I did this:
Firstly, install XviD codec in WindowsXP, so the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 can directly import XviD in. Then do the rest in Premiere…

2. RealMedia File (.rm, .rmvb)

Convert Real file to AVI file using only DivX Mencoder preset in ffmpeg. Then convert AVI to MOV in ffmpeg. Then do the rest in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

This may seem very complicated with the using of Premiere. But it never failed. And you have the height / width defined exactly as required

Pixel Art – Nintendo Mother3


Mother3 I love pixel art, even if it is tech related to the computer video display hardware resources being poor. It just has its own style and so cute.

These picture are from Nintendo game called Mother 3. This is a game designed for Gameboy machine. To play it in the new DS Lite console, some emulation assecaries are needed. And on top of that, this game is in Japanese.

Game Console


421327055_3a50b7f753 Sony PSP 2000 – LocoRoco; Nintendo – Nintendog

My first adopted Nintendog is a Walsh Corgi puppy, named: dudu. And he answered to that…

These are two games I like to play. But I regret to have bought the consoles. Because after a few months, you no longer use them at all. So I should have borrow them instead. Since it wasn’t

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