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Sakura, Nikko




Sakura in Tokyo.

Nikko Shrine gate (日光东照宫阳明门) is very heavily and beautifully decorated. Nikko is not very far from Tokyo. I remember it was around 1982 when I first got a chance to see the pictures of Nikko Shrine gate. I remember of a photo of the gate after a heavy winter snow fall. The snow stopped, the lanterns lit; a shrine monk was swiping the snow on the stairs. That was really an impressive shot. It was one of the pages in a Calendar. It collected 12 beautiful pictures of different countries. I have never seen any photos of that gate being as beautifully taken since. After some 25 years later, the photo still comes back to my mind and capture me like it did before.

(Photo taken by Eddit Wong. All Rights reserved to the orginal photographer.)

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