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Travel Guitar Nylon String

A few Adobe Flash exercises I did 2011 Sydney

Free WiFi on Sydney Bus – M10 Apr 2011

Free WiFi on Sydney Bus Apr 2011

Today, I was on a Bus, and surprised to find out that there is now Free WiFi on the bus. The bus is now a motion hotspot! – Taken via iPhone4 on Bus M10 towards CBD.

Free WiFi on Sydney Bus May 2011

Two Fisher & Paykel died in a row

Yamaha P-155 P155 Digital Piano Aux out level test

P-155 Aux out level test

P-155 Aux out level test

P-155 Aux out level testFlickr Link for larger images
Digital Piano Forum user reported a P-155 aux out recording level abnormal issue.

So I did a test on my own. I didn’t find any abnormal level in my P-155.

I used a “1/4 inch (6.35mm) mono Jack male to RCA female adapter ” to connect P-155 to my JVC mini HiFi for extra bass. I didn’t find that I need to turn up the volume than normal. By the way, the bass of JVC and the speakers of P-155 blend in together beautifully. Now the bass is, I think, 3 times than before when I press the lowest key. And the sound now sounds so controlled, textured and layered.

I used the same adapter for recording the sound to my Sharp MD recorder. This recorder also does 24bit sound recording. I didn’t notice that I need to set the recording level any higher than I normally do.

In short, I didn’t find anything abnormal in terms of level.

Panasonic Noise Canceling Headphones RP-HC500

Panasonic Noise Cancelling Heahphones RP-HC50

I have done a long time research online for a noise canceling headphones. RP-HC500 is 92% noise reduction which I tested against Bose QC2 (80% reduction at double the price). The noise canceling of HC500 is noticeably better.

I got it for $200 in Bing Lee Sydney after negotiation (RRP is $299). This equals to the best price I can find from ebay. And it doesn’t cost the postage fee as with ebay. So it’s a deal to me.

As it is reviewed, it only cancels the noise, not the voice. Namely if someone nearby is speaking to you, you will still hear it. Which is good. I tried it on/near a very noisy road repair site. It pushed the ‘site/noise’ to at least 400~500 meters away from where I stood.

Many reviewers online said there is a constant hum or hiss when the NC is on, out of the circulate. Firstly, I noticed that there is a very very low sound between hum and hiss. I must emphasize it is very very low. I like this very much. I found this is very authenticate to the nature. I can remember my trip to the Central Australia – Ayers Rocks and Alice Spring. Standing in the wild under the beautiful starry night. was a most unusual experience in my life. And I believe it is the quietest place on earth. I can hear the ‘quietness’. This ‘quietness’ is definitely NOT Nothing. It reminds me this subtle ‘hum/hiss’. Which was exactly what was smoothing my mind there then.

Another NC headphones is JVC HA-NC250 seems a little bit better build quality at the same feature quality. But it is not available in Sydney.

Aria Sinsonido Silent Guitar

Aria Sinsonido Silent Guitar

Aria Sinsonido Silent Guitar

Aria Sinsonido Silent Guitar

Aria Sinsonido Silent Guitar

Fender Mini Guitar Amp

Aria (a Japanese Guitar Maker) Sinsonido Silent Guitar is shorter, more compact than the Yamaha Silent Guitar, because: a. it is headless as you can see; b. Yamaha’s frame cannot be detached on the right side, while as Aria’s can be fully detached. See a youtube clip for the Nylon string.

Brisbane located GuitarBrothers sell it AU$100 cheaper than the other dealer (Link)

Last image shows a cute Fender Mini Guitar Amp. See it in action in youtube.

Well you don’t need a dedicated Guitar Amp for your silent guitar. You can plug into your mini Hi-Fi system or even your computer speakers.

Input SMS through bluetooth to T303 in Mac



T303 is a small mobile phone. The image above shows it side by side with iTouch. I like small phone over iPhone. Because obviously you can leave iTouch at home, but you cannot leave your iPhone at home.

T303’s feature is however limited, what’s bothering me is its limited bluetooth service feature. You cannot use Mac widget like ’emitSMS’ to send SMS directly from you Mac to your T303, because the required bluetooth service is not supported by T303. I am with Optus in Autralia, however I am now with pre paid solution so I cannot use the webSMS online feature from optusZoo. I must find a SMS typing solution for T303 through bluetooth from my Mac.

After trying, I did.

1. Open TextEdit in Mac. Type exactly like shown in the second image, except the message and your name, of course. Save the file with the name ‘vNote.vnt’

2. Send this file from your Mac to T303 using bluetooth.

3. Then, your T303 prompt you to save the Note. Select ‘OK’

4. Go to the Note, then go to edit mode, in ‘Option’, use ‘Copy and Paste’ feature

5. ‘Paste’ when making your new SMS message.

Data Lost

Cooler Master




Dim Sum, Yum Cha

Dim Sum, Yum Cha

Image 1 shows 2 external HD enclosure case from Cooler Master. The one on the right used to have a Samsung 250GB HD in it. But it went dead the other day. All the data in it was lost. I called a data recovery server in North Sydney, they said to recover it is likely to cost $1000. So forget it…

So I went to the computer shopping mall in Chinatown to get a 1TB Seagate HD which costed $189. Seagate is a more trust worthy brand in terms of quality according to the dealer there. It comes with a 5 years warranty. That dealer there is aslo promoting Wibrain UMPC mini PC. On my way home, I had some Dim Sum.

Danny Choo Added me in Flickr



Today I received an email from Danny Choo from Flickr. He added me as his Flickr contact. Meaning he might have liked some of my photos in Flickr, or maybe this blog. Because they are linked together. All the photos in Flickr hto2008 are used in this blog.

Therefore, well, at least, I have done something right in Flickr. 🙂

Danny Choo (Link)
Danny’s Flickr (Link)
My Flickr (Link)
My Youtube (Link)

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