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Hairspray in Sydney Jun 2011

Belly dancing boy


I always want to try to do some belly dancing moves. (Because I tried, and I cannot).

Here is a male belly dancer, a boy, called “belly boy of the universe”.

This one not only can, but also much more than capable.

Link1, link2, and link3.

Chinese Actress

Gong Li

Shu Qi

Liping Yang

No matter who you are, it will always be the worst idea in the world to stand next to Gong Li. Second image a Chinese girl with an african lips – actress Shu Qi (originally from Taiwan); 3rd image is no Ziyi Zhang. It’s Ms Liping Yang, perhaps the most famous dancer of China.

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Carmen Miranda without her Banana Hat

Carmen Miranda

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzqhmuPmIhk 210 190]

Here is a piece in which Carmen Miranda was without her Banana Hat. You should see the faces of the other stars in the movie. Cannot blame them. Carmen was the highest-paid entertainer for several years in the 1940s, and in 1945, was the highest-paid woman, earning more than $200,000, according to IRS records.

Simplified Cyd Charisse


More than often when you saw Cyd Charisse dancing, you might think that’s too ‘right at your face’, too seductive, too provocative…

But Cyd Charisse can be simple, refreshing, and like a warm cozy wind in a Spring time garden.

Check out this tango of Cyd Charisse and Ricardo Montalban in “On an Island with Your”.

Simple, simply charming:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_E0k0pr5sA 240 180]

Apple Syd Open / Cyd Charisse died


Cyd Charisse BandwagonApple Store Sydney opens tomorrow at 5pm, people lined up from this afternoon. One day earlier. You can see some people already inside, but that’s media. Today is media day inside. I cannot understand why they lined up. I mean there is no new product, it’s just a store. The new iPhone 3G is out next month 11 July, and they are not selling it in Apple store. So what are these people doing there for the whole cold night? They said the first 25 will get a T-shirt. Please! Last time I was in front of the Manhattan 5th Av Apple Store, I didn’t have time to get in. I got all the apple gears I need already. I went directly next door, actually the door after next, to check on something. Do you know what that is? Tiffany’s. (Where Andrey Hepburn use to hang around that corner in her little black dress, with a danish in one hand, a cup of coffee in another.)

While on the other hand, Cyd Charisse died today at 84 yo. I love the way she moves, those long legs…

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