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  • 2008-09-21 (Sun) 12:27

Contact Us: Using the following comment form. (It will come in as an email first, it won’t directly get published as a comment, so it’s OK to be used as a ‘contact us’ form.)

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Ann 10-03-17 (Wed) 15:46

Hi HuaTong,

I was looking for “Danny Boy” in Chinese, and I couldn’t believe it when I found a version of it! The recording from the Children’s Chorus of China that you put on YouTube is the only one that I’ve found. The version is sung beautifully and I was wondering if you might have the lyrics to the song. I tried to type them up myself, but some of the reverb in the mics and the harmonies in the song makes it too difficult to hear the words. I would be so grateful if you had either the Chinese words or the pinyin of the lyrics and could send it to me.

Please let me know if that is possible.
Thank you.

huatongoversea 10-03-18 (Thu) 5:55

Yes, the Chinese lyrics is here. I will put it inside the original post too.



Allan 11-08-19 (Fri) 22:31

Do you still have the JVC UX D66 mini Hi Fi for sale.

What is your location for pickup

Would you consider posting the unit without the speakers

How is payment made


Allan Lambert

huatongoversea 11-08-25 (Thu) 10:43

@ Allen,

Hi, Allan,

At this moment, I am not selling it. I am using it as an extra speaker
for more bass for my Digital Piano, as you can see here.


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