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  • 2011-01-05 (Wed) 2:36

  • HuanTongOversea/blog/ is a blog talking about anything interesting to me and to other people, that I felt like to write down. It also mostly help me to keep track of what had happened and when.
  • I would like to type in Chinese; But I have an extremely poor Chinese typing speed (using Yuan Pin method). So unless “copy and paste”, I will normally type in English. My English is not very good though. That said, most grammatical mistakes you see (all over the place) are due to typing without double checking. Not that I don’t know they are wrong when I do check closer. I am ashamed of myself not being able to type Chinese as fast as typing English. Yet comparing to most westerners I know, I type English at least double their speed, with the accurate and correct key striking, and without looking at the keyboard.
  • This site is suitable for viewing by general public. It doesn’t contain any censored content. Those are strictly and strongly prohibited.


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