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Sydney Sunday Yum Cha/Dim Sum (29-June-08)


IMG_4451(more images inside)

Last Sunday went for a Yum Cha/Dim Sum near Chinatown, thought might be interesting report the food and the price… During APEC (Sydney) last year, while I was having Yum Cha/Dim Sum inside this restaurant “Zilver Seafood – 同乐轩“,all of a sudden, all the people inside were looking at me. I was so nervous, then I released the Hong Kong leader – Donald Tsang and his delegation just finished their lunch on their way out. They were just behind my back…

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Facial Wash

Facial Wash

Facial WashThese are some of the facial wash products I uses. See the green tea and clay wash; and there are many in image2 got carbon in them, which produces a very clean and smooth feel. The Mandom series are available in China town (Sydney) in recent years. Before, I have to ask friend to get them from HongKong or from Japan. There is a good Shishedo foam wash, but it is a bit expensive for just a decent facial wash…

MET allows tripods



METUnlike most of other major museums, Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City allows you to use tripods. Most people aren’t aware of this. They went straight to the coat room and left their tripods there like they did in all other museum in NYC. As you can see, without the tripods, it would be impossible to take photos as good as shown in the first two images inside. They don’t allow you to use Flash in most places inside.

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Tripods and Head





254436180_756409fe46The Tripods I use is Benro Carbon Fiber C-128. (I got it from Shanghai. It is a Chinese brand.)

The tripods head I use are: 1. Velbon QHD-61Q ball head 2. Velbon PHD-61Q pan head (pan head bought from Shanghai; Ball head from USA).

I decided on them after I read the user review here and here. The last two images are from these review page, saved me the trouble to take them.

Nanjing Cloud Brocade – 南京云锦







Nanjing Brocade Research Institute

Nanjing Brocade is the eminent representative of our nation’s prominent traditional culture. It got its name from Yun that means clouds, since the fabrics is as beautiful as the splendid clouds in the sky, and has got a history of nearly one thousand years.

云锦,是南京地区传统提花丝织物的总称,锦纹瑰丽、美艳宛若云霞,其历史可追溯到1580多年以前的南朝东晋时期。元、明、清三代,云锦为皇家专享的御用 锦缎。手工织造的南京云锦妆金、妆彩、妆孔雀羽,以其“挑花结本”、“通经断纬”、“挖花盘织”的织造技艺,代表了独树一帜的中国织锦流派。

Photogear 2





I took the Canon 400D photos in the last post using my old “Point-and-Shoot” Casio EX-Z750

Apart from Tamron 17-50, I also have this Tamron 70-300. The image quality of this lens is better than ok as you can see from the last two images. The problem is the usability. I only recommend this lens if you only use it with a tripods to take a scene in which objects are not moving. Therefore this lens is seldom used by me.

I took the last two images in Burnaby, Vancouver last time I was in Canada. I took them to test this lens. One taken at 70mm end, the other taken at 300mm. Did I mention the Canon 400D like most other digital SLR has this 1.6x Focal Factor, meaning, a 70-300mm lens becomes 112-480mm lens for Canon 400D.

As you can see from the lens case, I bought this lens from Adorama

I bought a lot from B&H too. They seem to do International Shipping, if I remembered right.





I moved from “point and shoot” to SLR digital Camera since 2 years (3 years?) ago. I use Camera 400D. Some said Canon 400D tend to ‘Underexpose’. I bought my Camera 400D from d-d, After I suspect it is ‘underexpose’, they changed a new one for me. It still very occasionally “underexpose”, later I found out it can be fixed by using either “Portrait” or “Landscape” mode…

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ugly_betty26 June 2008 (the day before yesterday) is day one that I began to use Invisalign

In Sydney, my health insurance is with MBF, at the moment I pay almost A$50 fortnightly. The dentist said my invisalign will claim about $2400 over 2~3 years, which will cover almost all the cost. So I am kinda glad.

I use the “Ugly Betty” kind of brace when I was a teenager, but for some reason I stopped in the middle of the process. Now since I am picking up this aligning thing, I am no longer as courageous as Betty to be as ugly.

Since its only a few days, and it is the first set, (there are 20 sets in total) I don’t feel pain or anything uncomfortable. Feel a bit inconvenient to have to take it on and off for eating and teeth brushing…

Solar Powered Rotating Skyscraper

DynamicTallCalled Dynamic Tower, solar powered rotating skyscraper, designed by Italian David Fisher.

They are going to build two, one in Dubai, one in Moscow. Planned finishing at 2010.

Green Tea 2


KaiHuaLongDing2Kai Hua Long Ding (开化龙顶) is another Chinese green tea I like, from Zhejiang province.

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