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Official AFL guitar strap

Aria Sinsonido 101C / SPL SBK unbox

More 3D blu-ray in Sydney 2010 Dec – Lang Lang in 3D 郎朗 三维

Lang Lang in 3D blu-ray 2010 Dec

Wow! Lang Lang in 3D 郎朗 出了三维了。

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乘着歌声的翅膀 / Mendelssohn / Auf flügeln des Gesanges / On Wings of Song / 歌の翼に

Children Chorus of China

By Chinese Children Chorus (Children Chorus of China 中国交响乐团附属少年及女子合唱团); One of the top 5 Children Chorus in the world, known to be No. 1 from 1995~1999.

乘着歌声的翅膀 / Mendelssohn / Auf flügeln des Gesanges / On Wings of Song / 歌の翼に  (Link)
蓝色的多瑙河 / The Blue Danube Waltz (Link)

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yg-WrX_-gw 210 150][youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGtHsRvSkkc 210 150]

Michael Jackson just died today

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson diea today. This is a photo of his wax figure in NYC 2007.

This is the best song I like of Michael Jackson: Ben

Michael Jackson Ben

Clavinova Case

Clavinova Case

Yamaha Clavinova used to have much better design in terms of aesthetic and furniture (subjective though). See the stronger front legs in the 150 and 170 series that is more like today’s Roland HP-207’s legs; the beautiful music stand in the 860 and 880 series.

And the quality feel of the back case board. Put them side by side with the current models, you might see the difference better.

Larger image: here and here

Roland V-Piano vs Pianoteq+Controller

Roland V-Piano

Well, I don’t have anything to say (yet).
But I can see there will be a lot of talk and discussion on “Pianoteq 3 + Controller” vs “Roland V-Piano“. That is, with the consideration of ‘V-Piano”s US$5995 price tag. Like this discussion, saying/implying V-Piano now virtually killed all the sampled software pianos, while as Pianoteq 3 at most has been sharing the market.

White Yamaha P-155 P155 Digital Piano

White Yamaha P-155

Sighted a White Yamaha P-155 online. Japanese version? my Mahogany P-155 P155

Very Interesting! Animated Music

Animated Music

Animated Music. Video Clip Download link

Yamaha P-155 P155 Digital Piano Aux out level test

P-155 Aux out level test

P-155 Aux out level test

P-155 Aux out level testFlickr Link for larger images
Digital Piano Forum user reported a P-155 aux out recording level abnormal issue.

So I did a test on my own. I didn’t find any abnormal level in my P-155.

I used a “1/4 inch (6.35mm) mono Jack male to RCA female adapter ” to connect P-155 to my JVC mini HiFi for extra bass. I didn’t find that I need to turn up the volume than normal. By the way, the bass of JVC and the speakers of P-155 blend in together beautifully. Now the bass is, I think, 3 times than before when I press the lowest key. And the sound now sounds so controlled, textured and layered.

I used the same adapter for recording the sound to my Sharp MD recorder. This recorder also does 24bit sound recording. I didn’t notice that I need to set the recording level any higher than I normally do.

In short, I didn’t find anything abnormal in terms of level.

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