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This is from ‘Occupy Sydney’ 17 Oct 2011. It is part of Occupy together movement. It is originated from the movement and riots in Europe. Western world is now having more and more poor and less and less percentage of rich. But on the other hand, the wealth has been occupied by these less and less rich people.

These few days, there are like 1000 cities in the US, and there is ‘Occupy Vancouver’…

It looks like Socialist/Communist countries are adopting market economy, and the Capitalist/Democracy countries are going to adopt more socialist politics, sooner or later…

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Mercer Quality of Living – City Rank 2009

Quality of Living City Rank 2009

Mercer Quality of Living global rankings 2009


City Infrastructure Ranking at the bottom of this page here

Roots Tribe Leather Milano bag for men

Roots Milano Bag Tribe Leather

Roots Milano Bag Tribe Leather

Roots Milano Bag Tribe Leather

Roots Milano Bag Tribe Leather

Roots Milano Bag Tribe Leather

Roots Milano Bag Tribe Leather

roots las vegas Bag Tribe Leather

One of the things that can represent Canada apart from its Maple Leaf and Syrup maybe ROOTS. It’s a brand famous for its leather products, especially tribe leather (known as exclusive to Roots). That’s why I bought a tribe leather bag of Roots. Called Milano model in Tribe Leather for men. It’s a very good product. Only except that it is a bit heavy as a should bag even when it is empty. That’s why I originally opt for the other bag – Las Vegas model in tribe leather for men (see the last picture).

However this model however is not available in Vancouver downtown Roots store on Robson St. It was available on line. Strangly after two days when I check back the website, it was taken off the website as well. Very strange. It might be perfect that I got that bag instead.

I am happy with Milano too, it is the lastest model with the lastest design and very trendy looking as you can see.

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