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Chinese Paper Cut

Chinese Paper Cut

Chinese paper cut (bought in Beijing on 1996) Nowadays, paper cut of this good and taste is hard to come by. Happy Chinese Dragon Year 2012

Black and White

Sydney Opera House Open Day 16 Oct 2011

11/11/11 Super single male day

11.11.1111/11/11 is the date. Only happens a hundred year each.

Apart from that, 11/11 (11 Nov) is the holiday for never married single male who has no girl friend either. The holiday in China so it seems. Because 11.11 all of these 1 numbers mean ‘all by yourself’.

Therefore 11/11/11 becomes super holiday for that matter. Then all over Chinese, these guys like that are all celebrating.

Hobart Tour 2011 30 Sep – 2 Oct – part 3

Hobart Tour 2011 30 Sep – 2 Oct – part 2 – MONA

Hobart Tour 2011 30 Sep – 2 Oct – part 1

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Moon Cake 2011

Occupy Activities

Occupy Sydney

This is from ‘Occupy Sydney’ 17 Oct 2011. It is part of Occupy together movement. It is originated from the movement and riots in Europe. Western world is now having more and more poor and less and less percentage of rich. But on the other hand, the wealth has been occupied by these less and less rich people.

These few days, there are like 1000 cities in the US, and there is ‘Occupy Vancouver’…

It looks like Socialist/Communist countries are adopting market economy, and the Capitalist/Democracy countries are going to adopt more socialist politics, sooner or later…

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Some Chinese Embroidery



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